Upper-Intermediate II (B2)
Course duration: 200 course hours (one course hour = 45 Minutes) 8 Weeks
Course schedule: Monday to Friday
mornings: 9:00 -13:00 o’clock
afternoons: 13:30 -17:30 o’clock
Course location: IBZ Dortmund GmbH
Course fee: face-to-face 549, - EUR, online course 499, - EUR


Course Description
The intermediate level 2 comprises a total of 200 course hours of intensive teaching, of which 15 hours are communication lessons.

The prerequisite for participation in upper-intermediate level II (B 2) is a B1 certificate with approximately 650 hours of intensive teaching "German as a Foreign Language". For the external participants, a grading test is obligatory for this course level.

The aim of the B2 course is to teach an upscale everyday language and to introduce you to the scientific language. On the basis of the teaching material the four skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing - are practiced and improved. In addition, the upper-intermediate level II (B2) teaches students different learning techniques.

During the B2 course quizzes will be hold regularly to measure the competences of the students in terms of reading, grammar, listening comprehension and text production. Thus, the improvements of the students are always controlled by the teacher.

At the end of the upper-intermediate level II (B 2) the students will be able to measure their skills in terms of, grammar, reading, listening comprehension and text production in the final examination.
The successful completion of the final examination at the end of the course allows the students to enroll for C1+ DSH preparation course.


Applied Teaching Material:
DSH&Studienvorbereitung Nur Mut! Lehrbuch, Übungsbuch und Hörtexte CD


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