You want to learn German because you want to study, work and live in Germany. Or you are simply interested in getting to know the country, the culture, the mentality through the German language. In the age of digitization, it is easier to learn new languages.


How does that work? In fact, the answer is very simple:

All you need is a tablet or a computer with a camera, a stable internet connection and headphones or speakers and a microphone. You will be invited to a live video via a link sent by e-mail, so that you can actively and conveniently take part in the class, no matter where you are in the world.


In the virtual classroom, the course participants can exchange ideas with real native speakers who have several years of professional experience, intercultural competence and an excellent understanding of the use of new media in class, just as easily as in face-to-face classes. In this way, we can also live in online classes, talk to each other, ask questions, answer, work on and solve tasks together.


In our courses we take great care to train all four sub-skills of the Common European Framework of Reference (GER), i.e. listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing speaking.


Participation in our online courses is also very easy for less experienced tablet and PC users. Just like in face-to-face classes, the participants have to be motivated, take part in all sessions if possible and do their homework reliably. We offer our students the benefit of an interactive learning experience with classmates from all over the world. Instead of learning alone, the German language becomes a community experience here. In addition, you have the opportunity from the beginning to test and consolidate your skills in conversation with other participants. The compilation of groups in which all course participants are on the same level of learning enables effective learning for everyone.



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