About Us : IBZ Dortmund GmbH - (The Intercultural Education Center)

IBZ Dortmund GmbH (The Intercultural Education Center) was founded in 2002 by Turkish students of the University of Essen. The most important aim of this student initiative was to improve the educational opportunities of non-German students, to promote cultural exchange and intercultural coexistence between German and non-German students.

Meanwhile, the IBZ Dortmund, with the help of its members from various social sectors, has managed to evolve from a student initiative to a regionally and country-wide recognized institution. The work of the IBZ Dortmund is mainly based on a multidisciplinary commitment.


The self-understanding of IBZ Dortmund is based on the understanding that cultural diversity in our society is an opportunity and enrichment. Cultural and educational policies must be geared more towards the immigrant population and encourage the active participation of migrants in this policy. Through its artistic, cultural, social and educational ideas and impulses, the IBZ Dortmund tries to make an active contribution to the intercultural society in Germany.


IBZ Dortmund GmbH (The Intercultural Education Center) will try to set new accents and impulses in the intercultural cultural landscape in the coming years with innovative and dynamic ideas



IBZ Dortmund GmbH (Interkulturelles Bildungszentrum) Freistuhl 3 44137 Dortmund
info@ibz-dortmund.com - www.ibz-dortmund.com Tel.: +49 231 28867778 - Fax: +49 231 28867779



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