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Why German?

Throughout the world there are approx. 120 Million German native speakers and almost 180 Million people speak German, which means that German is not only in Germany. It is also spoken in other countries such as in Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, North-Italy, Denmark. Besides, German is the third working language of the European Union. Approx. 8% of the websites are in German).

Why German course in Germany?

Learning the German culture and the language through living in Germany would be much more enthusiastic than learning it from your textbooks. Our German course is not only a language course, but also a great opportunity for you to discover a new world. You will be able to meet a plenty of people from different cultures and countries, meet German native speakers and improve your German grammar. Therefore, our course is a great opportunity for you to become acquainted with the German culture and the language.


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