A2 Intensive Courses

A2 Intensive Course Basic Language Skills

  • 180 units of 45 minutes
  • 22 units per week
  • 8 weeks
  • Mo - Fri
  • final exam included
  • certificate included
  • focus on basic vocabulary and basic structures of grammar for advanced learners

Where and how are the classes taking place? What do you need to participate?

 This German course takes place simultaneously in the classroom at IBZ Dortmund and online

The A2 course comprises 180 units of 45 minutes, including 15 units extra practice to train your communicative skills (i.e. speaking skills).

The prerequisite for participation in A2 is an A1 certificate with approx. 180 units.

What you will learn during the course:

Do you already speak a little German and wish to move on taking a big step? Wonderful! The A2 course is the next step on the way to university. In A2 you will also learn more for everyday life in Germany. We deal with many topics and improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Level A2.1

In A2.1 (approx. 90 units) we will deal with new topics of your daily life: How to talk about studying in Germany. How are the academic subjects called? How do you talk about money and what kind of conversation do you have in a bank? How do you describe the weather and the climate? How to talk about your favorite movies or favorite music. How do you order a taxi or a pizza? How to complain? How do you describe a person’s appearance and character? When it comes to grammar, too, we will deal with more difficult topics: How to talk about reasons and consequences. What is the genitive? When do you use “dass” clauses and when do you need „zu + infinitive“? You will learn this and much more in A2.1.

Level A2.2

In A2.2 (approx. 90 units) you learn many more things for your daily life: How to talk about your health and what are the German names of the various diseases. How do you tell a friend about a travel or vacation? How do you talk about clothes? How are the different means of transport called? How to talk about different feasts, holidays and gifts. How to describe your apartment. What are the different buildings and facilities in a city called? Of course, we also deal with grammar: How do you form the simple past tense (Präteritum) and what is the dative? How do you decline adjectives? How do you use prepositions correctly and what are verbs with fixed prepositions? All will learn this and much more in A2.2

Your skills after the course

At the end of the course, you will be able to express and understand phrases that are important and relevant for your everyday life, e.g. personal and family information, shopping, work, your neighborhood and so on. You can communicate in average everyday situations and talk about your home country or your education and describe things that are important for your daily life more clearly.

Textbooks used:
Akademie Deutsch Intensivlehrwerk Band 2
Akademie Deutsch Zusatzmaterial Band 2
Übungsgrammatik für die Grundstufe

Supplementary self-made materials