We hereby declare the conformity of the educational offers carried out with the applicable legal provisions, taking into account the additional requirements of the AZAV.

The IBZ always aligns its activities with the interests of the customers. The IBZ sees its participants and those seeking advice as customers on the one hand and its clients on the other. The IBZ undertakes to meet customer expectations in terms of the quality and success of the consulting and qualification services. Quality features for this are defined and described indicators for customer satisfaction. The IBZ uses suitable test instruments to check and maintain the quality of its services.

The IBZ undertakes to always live the principle of equal rights for women and men and to guarantee equal opportunities for the sexes. When planning, organizing and implementing the courses and training measures, the different living conditions of women and men who look after and bring up children in need of supervision or look after relatives in need of care or who want to return to work after these times are taken into account.

The IBZ opposes racism and all forms of discrimination based on belonging to a certain origin, culture or religion and emphasizes the equality of all people. Furthermore, it strives to practice environmentally compatible actions and economic activities.

The IBZ only uses employees who have the necessary technical and social skills for the target groups, the content and the methods for advice, teaching and all offers. All employees undergo regular further training. They are also actively involved in the continuous improvement process of the quality of our work. To maintain and expand their skills and to secure our educational offerings, all employees are offered the opportunity for further training. The IBZ undertakes to comply with applicable occupational health and safety guidelines for customers and employees.

Furthermore, the IBZ undertakes to comply with the GDPR in the statements relevant to its activities. The data protection officer of the IBZ has issued corresponding data protection regulations for all employees.

The IBZ lives and works according to the rules of quality management and pursues a continuous improvement process.


Dortmund, June 2020