German for Nursing B1 B2 Online

German for Nurses B1/ B2 Advanced and Language Skills and Technical Terminology

  • max. 15 participants
  • 150 units of 45 minutes
  • 5 * 3 units per week
  • 10 weeks
  • Mo - Fri
  • 50 sessions
  • Online and face-to-face
  • Requirements for registration: B1 certificate
  • Certificate of participation included (if you assist to 80 % of the units)
  • Focus on technical terminology and structures to use the language independently.

You are a nurse or geriatric nurse and would like to prepare for the exam telc Deutsch B1/B2 Pflege? Then this is the right course for you. This specialist language course is suitable for qualified international nurses who seek a career in the field of nursing or are already working in hospitals and retirement homes.

In this course, you will learn skills in German language which help you to get along successfully in your professional life as a nurse. In the end of the course, you can take the exam „telc B1/B2 Pflege“, which is designed especially for nurses. By passing the exam, you can prove that you have German skills which are required for the recognition of professions in the field of nursing.

You will learn everything that you need to communicate with patients, colleagues and doctors about professional topics:

Understanding instructions by doctors

–              Talking to colleagues, doctors, relatives, custodians and patients

–              Anatomy, physiology, diseases, types of pain

–              Measurements (pulse, blood pressure, breathing, temperatures, blood sugar counts etc.)

–              Personal hygiene, hygiene in the hospital and clothing

–              Nutrition and excretion

–              Nursing techniques and prophylactic measures

–              Routes of infections and precautions

–              Documentation

–              Medicine, injections, infusions

–              Legal issues concerning nursing/ Healthcare system

–              Handing over patients and conflicts

–              Emergencies