Module B1.1

Module B1.1 Intermediate Language Skills

  • 90 units of 45 minutes
  • 22 lessons per week
  • 4 Weeks
  • Mo – Fri
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Focus on vocabulary and structures you need in order to use the language independently

Modul B1.1

In B1.1, we repeat and deepen the grammar area, including the preterite, clauses, infinitive clauses, pronominal adverbs, modal verbs, substitute expressions for modal verbs, the subjunctive II and all important types of subordinate clauses.

The main goal of the B1.1 course is that your sentence structure becomes “more stable” and that you can formulate correct sentences more fluently and spontaneously through numerous exercises. In the area of reading and listening comprehension, you will already get to know some typical task formats of various exams (e.g. DSH, telc, etc.) in B1.

As regards reading texts, we make sure that you deal with many interesting topics as such as health, media, transport, society, technology, the environment, politics, science. We attach great importance to oral communication and you will learn to summarize texts and to express opinions and wishes.

As for your writing skills, we will practice to write summaries and discussions, i.e. you will learn how to discuss advantages and disadvantages and how you can express your opinion about any topic or problem. Of course, we do also pay a lot of attention to the development of your communicative skills: In B1.1, you will learn how to summarize texts, experiences, wishes and events, how to express your opinions and your plans, and you will also learn how to compare positive and negative aspects of any kind of topic.