Module B2.1

Module B2.1 Independent Sse of Language Skills

  • 100 units of 45 minutes
  • 25 lessons per week
  • 4 Weeks
  • Mo - Fri
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Focus on vocabulary and structures that enable you to use the German language independently

Modul B2.1

In B2.1, we will deal with many new aspects of German grammar: We will first repeat the transformation of active and passive clauses as well as relative clauses and participial attributes. We will also deal with the topic of nominalization and verbalization of information and supplements. Other topics in the B2.1 course are alternative expressions for modal verbs and passive forms. In the field of text production we deal with essays, formal letters, discussions, statements and graphic descriptions. In the field of oral communication, we will practice summarizing and discussing texts, weighing pros and cons, presenting data, expressing opinions, agreeing and disagreeing with other people and making short presentations.