Holiday Courses for Teens and Groups

Would you like to learn German in summer or winter holiday?

Are you between 13 and 18 years old and want to discover a new world during your holiday? Do you wonder, how the life in Germany is? Then you should visit our German course program for Teens and Groups!

Our German courses are particularly applicable for Teenagers and young adults who would like to improve their German in their summer or winter holiday. During the course you will not only learn German, but also become acquainted with the German culture and other European cities with other teenagers from all over the world.

Why German course in Germany?

Learning the German culture and the language through living in Germany would be much more enthusiastic than learning it from your textbooks. Our German course is not only a language course, but also a great opportunity for you to discover a new world. You will be able to meet a plenty of people from different cultures and countries, meet German native speakers and improve your German grammar. Therefore, our course is a great opportunity for you to become acquainted with the German culture and the language.

Why German?

Throughout the world there are approx. 120 Million German native speakers and almost 180 Million people speak German, which means that German is not only in Germany. It is also spoken in other countries such as in Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, North-Italy, Denmark.  Besides, German is the third working language of the European Union. Approx. 8% of the websites are in German).  


In Dortmund you can be sure that there is always an activity for everyone!

Our Language course is located in Dortmund, which can be described as the city of contrasts and therefore, it is so fascinating.  The more than 1100 years old city is called as “the Heart of Westphalia”.  With approx. 600.000 inhabitants Dortmund is the third biggest city in the Ruhr-area after Köln and Düsseldorf. The 280km2 city is divided into 12 districts and an important point for the neighboring cities. Moreover, Dortmund is especially known for its closeness to some of the European capitals, such as Amsterdam (approx. 240km), Brussels (273km), Luxemburg (294km).

The Language Course

Our aim is to provide our participants to live and experience German culture and learn the language at the same time. Therefore we prepare a test for each of our participants and thus they can participate in the most appropriate level for them. In the lectures, reading, listening, writing, grammar and speaking are linked to each other. With our outdoor activities will our participants have the chance their German knowledge to improve in a short time.

Visiting our course as a group or alone?

We organize special Group courses for the teen-groups and the students for each language level. If you would like to have a special class for your group, please let us know.

During the course period we arrange numerous activities for our young participants to enjoy their time. For example:
  • City tour Dortmund
  • Stadiontour des BVB Dortmund
  • Excursions to Amsterdam
  • Excursions to Brussels,
  • Excursions to Köln
  • Culinary city tour
  • Chocolate Museum Cologne
  • Many other activities…