Care & Health

In Germany, we have a nursing crisis. We need significantly more professionals in the medical area because more than 4.13 million people are in need of care in Germany (data from 2019). The number of people living in nursing homes is constantly rising. All these people depend on nursing. Therefore, we need qualified nurses who can take care of the individual needs of the residents.

The current situation is becoming more and more dramatic due to the lack of qualified nurses. In other words – the nursing crisis leads to a severe lack of staff in nursing homes. According to „Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft“ (the Institute of German Economy) in Cologne, there could be a lack of 307,000 nurses in inpatient care until we reach the year 2035. Better working conditions, higher salaries, easy measures for further training and recruiting foreign professionals could contribute to the solution of the problem.

IBZ Dortmund offers trainings, seminars and language courses that prepare you for working in German hospitals and nursing homes. We recruit foreign professionals and prepare them for the recognition of their qualifications in Germany.

German for nurses B1/ B2

Advanced and vocational language skills

German for physicians B2/C1

Advanced and vocational language skills