Module B1.2

Module B1.2 Intermediate Language Skills

  • 90 units of 45 minutes
  • 22 lessons per week
  • 4 Weeks
  • Mo – Fri
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Final Exam included
  • Focus on vocabulary and structures you need in order to use the language independently.

Modul B1.2

In B1.2, we take a big step in the area of grammar. While in B1.1 While we deepen and consolidate basic structures in B1.1 so that you can speak German more fluently, spontaneously and correctly in everyday life, we devote in ourselves to scientific language structures for the first time in the second module.

First, we will learn to form active and passive sentences with and without a modal verb – namely in the present tense, all past tenses, in the future and possibly in the subjunctive 2 present and perfect.

After that, we will deal with the question how we can put an active sentence into the passive voice and vice versa, and how passive sentences are formed that contain no subject. After finishing the topic „active voice and passive voice“, we will revise relative clauses and adjective declensions. Eventually, we will learn how you can transform relative clauses into participles (so-called „Links-Attribute) and vice versa. Depending on how quickly we finish the topic, we may also cover the topics nominalization and verbalization.

As regards the development of your reading and listening skills, we will proceed to cover more and more typical exercises that you can also find in official exams. Furthermore, we will read and listen to longer and more complex texts. As for your writing skills, we will gain more knowledge about how to write a discussion and long essays. We will also learn how we can describe objects, events and procedures in a text. Concerning your communicative skills, we will practise how to discuss with other students, how to agree and disagree with an opinion, how we can summarize longer texts orally and how we can describe things orally.