Module B2.2

Module B2.2 Independent Use of Language Skills

  • 100 units of 45 minutes
  • 25 lessons per week
  • 4 Weeks
  • Mo - Fri
  • Final exam included
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Focus on vocabulary and structures for advanced use of the language

Modul B2.2

As regards grammar, you will learn how to use the subjunctive I (Konjunktiv 1) in the present tense and the past tense and we will deal with the question how to can convert direct speech into indirect speech and vice versa. Other important topics that we will cover will be noun-verb-connnections („Nomen-Verb-Verbindungen“/ „Funktionsverbgefüge“), modal participles and how to use modal verbs in order to express probability and indicate the source of an information. In the area of writing, you will learn more chunks and idiomatic expressions that will facilitate the production of longer and more complex texts. Later on in the course, you will learn how to solve reading and listening exercises more and more by yourself and without help from others. However, the reading and listening exercises will get more and more difficult over time.