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Der Lehrgang findet berufsbegleitend ?? The course is part-time. On two evenings and on Saturdays.

Start    :  01.03.2022

Finish : 14.06.2022

Lesson times: weekly

Tu + Thu fr. 17:00 – 20:15

Sa 10:00 – 13:15

A course for whom?

For nursing assistants

Have you been working as a nursing assistant or caregiver in an outpatient or inpatient facility for at least a year and would you like to expand your professional opportunities? Or have you worked in the field before and would like to get back into it? This course provides you with the basis for this. It offers you targeted further training in the areas of treatment care LG 1 and LG 2. With this knowledge, you can and may carry out light medical activities in the inpatient area and in home care.

For institutions and companies

Are you an inpatient or outpatient facility and would you like to secure your range of services for the future with qualified employees? Then this course is suitable for your caregivers who have been or are working for you, in order to expand their possible uses in the field of treatment care. 

The Content of the Course

Basics of hygiene

Legal Aspects

Preparing of injections

Medical embrocations

Cold therapy

Administration of medication

Blood pressure measurement

Blood glucose measurement


SPK-Versorgung ???

Stoma care

Handling of compression stockings

Treatment of decubitus up to grade II

Clyster and Enema

Fluid balancing

Administering eye drops

The Sequence

The course comprises 190 teaching units of 45 minutes each and is divided into four modules. In each module, the necessary theoretical basics for the respective sub-areas are conveyed. The participants learn selected care-relevant knowledge of the natural sciences in order to understand the background and the interaction in the human body. You will get to know the devices and measuring methods used as well as the documentation in all areas. They also learn to deal with the psychosocial and sociocultural aspects of care. Through exercises and discussions, the participants gain the security they need to be able to carry out the required actions independently.

At the end of each module, the level of knowledge of the participants is checked in a written exam. At the end of the course there is a written and practical examination.

The specialist lecturers

This is our competent, experienced and dedicated team of lecturers who will teach you in this course:

Roland Breitling

Dipl. Pflegepädagoge

Friedhelm Müller

Pflegewissenschaftler BScN

Dozent im Gesundheitswesen

The Internship

After completing the course, a three-month full-time internship follows in an outpatient or inpatient care facility. For participants who are already employed in a facility or in an outpatient care service, we offer guided practical phases on site.

The Course fee

The course fee is €1,050. You have the option of having up to €500 of the course fee supported with an “education cheque”. We would be happy to advise you on this.


The training rooms of the IBZ Dortmund are located in the immediate vicinity of Dortmund main station. They can be reached in just a few steps from the Kampstraße subway. The rooms are bright and friendly and equipped with modern teaching technology.

The IBZ Dortmund

The Interkulturelle Bildungszentrum Dortmund has been active in language teaching and qualification for many years and has recently established itself as a qualification provider in the field of nursing. The IBZ Dortmund is certified according to the requirements of ISO 9000 and AZAV.